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Real Estate Portal _ News - September - 10 - 2009


Dear Subscriber,

We are pleased to confirm are operating our own website portal. Agents with websites designed by us will not need to update this site as the listing are migrated from thier website on a daily basis. We have undertaken studies and procedures to drive potnetial clients to this site.

The big feature of this site is cost.

We have carried out many subtle chnages to our Portal and Agents own sites . The new features on your sites is a new field called Municipality where you enter the Council in your area. We feel this is an important feature as it shows Buyers where they will be paying thier rates.

We have also made a modification on the Portal site so that when we pull you new listings daily off your websites it shows the sales persons detail and photo. This was a request made by one or Agents in Haigslea. We thank you for your confidence in us. 

We are prepared to offer incentives to Agents who put another Real Estate Office on our site, by introducing them to our system and standalone websites. For those "thinking" of getting thier own website now is the time to ask for a "deal". Remeber we are a one stop shop. We operate our own domain name register. and as we operate our own servers. and our website creation go to

Phone Allan on Brisbane 07 3 1033553 or

Col on Brisbane 07 3103 2720 :: Sydney 02 80050352 :: Melbourne (03) 9016 2513 :: Perth (08) 6102 1171


Allan Roger Australian Manager,

Col Heke CEO

Please excuse repats as I am also testing newsletter

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